Training a new breed of healthcare problem solvers.

Moonshot provides deep technology immersion for high school students to solve the world's most pressing problems in healthcare.

Collaboration Learning

Collaboration Learning

Work with students from around the world with experience in AI, robotics, biotechnology, and design.


Expert Mentorship

World class instructors and industry veterans from top healthcare organizations provide hands-on guidance and feedback.

Role Immersion

Role Immersion

Develop specialized technical, clinical and commercial expertise to provide unique perspectives while Moonshot building.

Healthcare Impact

Social Impact Focus

Develop healthcare solutions that impact billions of people. Make a positive impact on society.


Unlock New Possibilities.

The Kepler platform enables hands-on innovation at the intersection of medical devices, biotechnology and AI.

Build 22nd Century Skills.

Leverage generative AI to problem solve. Critically think with interdisciplinary teams. Introspect to align mission and impact. Develop skills that drive adaptability and resilience.

Founded through a personal
journey in healthcare innovation.


Santosh Iyer

Founder & CEO
Deep tech innovator and entrepreneur with a decade of experience in surgical robotics and AI. Silicon valley engineer and Harvard MBA with an MS and BS from The University of Toronto.


Aligning Mission & Impact.

In high school, Santosh built a LEGO surgical robot to channel his passion for engineering to solve an unmet need in neurosurgery. Moonshot was created to scaffold this learning experience to other young minds and prepare them to tackle healthcare challenges of today and the future.

Enroll Through Our Collaborators.

Moonshot delivers programming in conjunction with renowned engineering and medical institutions.

MEDscience Program @ Harvard Medical School
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